Tips for Ensuring a Successful Roofing Project

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If this is your first roofing project, you probably have no clue about what to expect. The process of completing a roofing project successfully is confusing. Knowing what to expect and what to be on the lookout for during the project to ensure its success will help it run smoothly.

Below are some tips to guide you through the process.

Access to your property

It is important to ensure that the roofing company has access to electricity and can access your driveway. Do not park your cars there. Park them some distance away from your driveway during the roofing construction.

Access to the driveway is needed to ensure easier loading of materials onto your roof. It also makes clean-up easier. If you do not have exterior plugs, you should run extension cords through your doors or windows.

For clean-up purposes, you should leave all gates unlocked. Roofers should have access to every part of your yard and property. Speaking of your yard, you should turn off the sprinkler system as well as any installed alarms.

If you have pets, restrict their movement. Keep them away from the working areas.

Roof Being Torn Down to the Rafters

If the roofing project includes tearing the old roof down to the rafters to make room for the installation of the new Edmonton laminated shingles, dirt and other debris may filter into the garage or attic.

If you have valuable items in any of these rooms, be sure to either protect or remove them altogether. Any damage sustained because you ignored this step will be considered your fault. No roofing company will accept liability.

The same goes for the installation of Edmonton skylights. If there are any valuables directly under this working area, you should get them out of the way.

Dust and Vibration

During roofing projects, vibrations are common and expected. These vibrations can cause items to break or fall. Before the project starts, remove items on open shelving and walls that are not properly secured. These items can include candles, pictures, mirrors, plates, and paintings. Breakages resulting from the vibrations are not compensated for by most roofing companies.


Additionally, the vibration will cause dust to fall from the roof. If you have respiratory problems or allergies, protect yourself from the dust, or better still, manage the installation of your laminated shingles from a distance.

Edmonton Skylights

More often than not, proper skylight re-flashing involves the removal of its frame. During the removal process, dried paint, debris and sheetrock fragments will fall into the house.

For this reason, you should remove or cover anything that is directly under the skylight. This will keep your valuables protected.


When the roofing project is done, be sure to inspect the condition of your hot water pipes and the heater. If you do not have the time, tools or prowess to do so, you should ask the roofer to do it. This will help to ensure that the quality of your piping and heater is preserved.


For a successful project, you will need to be hands on. Ensure that you maintain a bird’s eye view of the project.

With that said, if you have kids, keep them away from the working area for their safety. Kids are curious beings, and their curiosity can put them in the line of danger.