Things to Look for When Designing Your Living Room

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For most Australians, the living room is where they spend most of their time when at home. It’s the place that the family comes together, moments are shared and memories are made. It’s arguable the most important room of the house, which means that it requires special attention when planning its layout and design.

Whether you are moving into a new home or renovating your current one, there are many things to think about when designing your living space. Like bathrooms and kitchens, living rooms are an integral part of the house and must be treated as such. Therefore, they should receive the attention they deserve, both in initial design stages as well as when upgrading your home.

Why Does Living Room Design Matter?

A thoughtfully curated living room can improve your mental and physical wellbeing if created with your comfort in mind. Consideration of temperature, light, sound, colour and more will affect how positively you feel about your space. But well-designed living areas do not only benefit you while you live there; They may also help maintain or increase your property value, which assists you when you’re ready to sell.

Nice living rooms add aesthetic appeal to your home and, if fitted out with durable fixtures, may also minimise your need for renovation or reparation later on down the road (saving you time, hassle and funds).

How to Determine the Best Design Options for You

There are all sorts of interior design options out there for your open or closed plan living room. What design you choose to adopt in your living space is largely dependent upon your personal preference, the nature and layout of your home, your family structure, and other variables. Although, there are some universal tips to keep in mind when planning your design.

The following five considerations guarantee a classic and timeless living room design, no matter what your specific needs may be.

  • Relaxing Colour Schemes: While pops of colour and bold palettes may be alright for other rooms of the house, living rooms tend to fare better when designed with neutral, soothing colours in mind. Natural hues such as tans, browns, greys and beiges are trending right now, while rich earthy tones and light seascape colours are also suitable.

  • Privacy: One major benefit to living areas is that they are a secluded space, away from unwanted gazes, nosy neighbours and intrusive noise. It’s important to keep this in mind when designing your living room, and plan accordingly. Window coverings such as roller blinds, blockout blinds or shutters can be effective ways to limit wandering eyes from peeping on you while in your home.

  • Natural Light: Although there is an obvious desire for privacy within one’s living space, we cannot overlook the appeal of naturally-occuring light. Certain window fixtures such as skylights or even customisable blinds and shutters allow for this light while still maintaining your peace and seclusion.

  • Comfortable Seating: We all know that a living room is not complete without the perfect suite to fit it out. Whether it be a chaise set, a sectional sofa or several cushy recliners, comfortable seating is a must. Pick one that suits the overall colour scheme of your other living room furnishings

  • Entertainment Options: One you have someplace to sit, you need something to hold your attention while you lounge. That’s where an entertainment unit comes in. Fusing style and function, they primarily serve as a place to store televisions and movie or music players. However, you can also find entertainment units with extra storage for games and toys. In addition to your TV stand or console, you may also want to add a central coffee table to your room to facilitate other sorts of hobbies and activities.

For a living room that you’ll love for years to come, you can’t ignore these five elements of effective design (and the specific features that they references). Then, once you’re ready to employ your ideas, get in touch with your local home renovation or design expert to help you put them into place.

There are plenty of professionals out there who can provide you with guidance and help you install any domestic accessories, from roller blinds in Melbourne to skylights in Sydney to a television unit in Brisbane.

What tips have you got for effective living room design? How do you prioritise these five features in your home? Let us know in the comments!