Things to expect from a Mold Removal expert

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It is good to practice cleanliness, especially at home to keep your family safe from bacteria. Though sometimes, you cannot avoid seeing mold production in some parts of the house due to various environmental factors, such as humidity or changing weather conditions. I know that you find this mold a problem because it makes the wall, ceiling or floor look really dirty. Actually, you may remove the molds as long as you know how to properly do it. But, without proper experience and knowledge, I suggest you to call for a Mold Removal service.

Do you know that molds are a type of a fungus and it comes with small living organisms, which usually flies and travels in the air? Molds can be very helpful to the nature because it breaks down dead and dried leaves as well as plants and even trees. Molds loves moist and they can easily reproduce there. Now, if you are allergic to these organisms, then you are surely at risk. In my opinion, you should not allow the molds to stay for longer time. In your situation, it is very important to remove mold at the soonest time.

Sometimes, the molds are not always visible because they also come in different colors like black, green, white, purple and orange. And then, they may also grow in your furniture or appliances and carpet. But, most importantly, they need moisture, so you will surely find them in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and basement. For example, you are not seeing these molds around, it does not mean that they don’t exist in your place. Remember that these organisms travel through air. Therefore, you need to ask for a mold removal expert for inspection and other services.

Explain the process

A good mold removal expert must be able to give you an explanation about the whole process that they need to do on your property. They have to make sure that you can understand the process. This is a very important step to be done right after the inspection.

Failure to explain everything about the project is a sign that these so-called experts are not fully equipped with knowledge and experience in the said field of expertise. So, you may cancel the job and look for a real mold removal expert to work on your property.

Proper attire

As a professional mold removalist, proper attire is needed when working on-site. You have to use the safety gears, such as a face mask, gloves and whole body protective suit. This is a must because you will be exposing yourself to fungi, organisms and chemicals.

If possible, a high quality filtration mask and neoprene or vinyl gloves must be used. It is just an initial requirement as a professional, anyway. Remember that without your proper attire, then your health is at risk, which is, of course, a factor that you should greatly consider as a mold removal expert.

Work Area

If possible, the affected area must be sealed with plastic sheeting to avoid scattering the spores within your property. Remember that the experts will remove and kill the molds and not to spread them out. So, if the experts working in the affected area do not seal the place, then they are just giving you more problems because these mold spores will surely find an easy way to escape.

They will be using various equipment, too, such as HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air scrubbers, vacuums and dehumidifiers to name a few. You may want to get more info on HEPA because this is an important equipment that these experts will use in the task.


The experts will be using various tools and equipment to remove the molds from the source. Now, after the removal, they should clean it properly, using the HEPA scrubbers and then, replace the moldy air with a fresh one through ventilation. This is a very important part of the process that the experts must not fail to do because swiping away the spores and keeping the place clean is really necessary.

They use HEPA filters so that they can capture spores and organisms in the affected area. Using ordinary vacuums won’t be able to catch them, which may allow the molds to just relocate and later on may cause another problem – one thing that must be prevented.


It is very important for these experts to clean the affected area after removing the molds. They don’t just use any chemical or detergent to clean the place. They have to make sure that antimicrobial chemicals will be used in cleaning the mold stains.

Sometimes, they also use various sealers or encapsulants in treating the affected area. Through this, the area will be more resistant to mold and water damages as well as controlling odor. After this step, the process is complete.