How to Make the Winter Days Lighter at Home or in the Office

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Winter days are usually short, gloomy, cold, and dreary. And since you can’t spend most of your time outdoors, you need to look for ways of brightening up your home or office.

Luckily, there are a lot of simple things that you can do to make your winter days lighter. The small changes will ensure that you enjoy the time you spend indoors and make your winter less gloomy. Try out these simple tips to brighten up your home or office during winter.

Take Care of Your Windows

Did you know that the primary function of your windows is to let in as much natural light as possible? Therefore, you need to ensure that your windows stay in great shape to brighten up your home or office.

Clean them at least twice per month to let in more light. You will be surprised at how much grime can build on your windows blocking sunlight. You should also remove screens from all the windows that will remain closed during winter.

 If need be, inquire about aluminium sliding patio door prices and replace your front doors with patio doors to allow in maxim light. You should also make a morning routine of opening your drapes and blinds to let in light.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are useful in home d├ęcor for a wide range of reasons. They can open up your room’s spaces making it appear larger. Mirrors can also reflect the light coming into your room form windows or doors to make it look brighter.

Make sure that you place mirrors at strategic points across your home or office where a lot of sunlight can bounce off them. The best places to position your mirrors is on the east facing walls or hang them opposite a large window so that they can reflect as much natural light as possible.

Consider Swapping Your Light Bulbs

Winter gives you an opportunity to pay close attention to the colouring of your home’s or office’s light bulbs. The major difference between a cool white, warm white and daylight bulbs can significantly change the overall appearance and feel of a particular room in your home.

You may discover that some light bulbs work better in specific rooms than others. Make sure that you buy a few different bulbs and compare them with your previous fixtures to see if there is any difference. This is also an excellent time to upgrade your home’s light bulbs to LED bulbs for energy efficiency.

Let the Hardwoods Shine

If you have installed hardwood floors, you should consider de-cluttering all rooms where there is no sufficient natural light. This will ensure that all the natural light that doesn’t get in reflects off the shiny hardwoods onto the walls making your rooms appear brighter. If you haven’t installed patio doors, this is also the right time to inquire about aluminium sliding patio door prices and make the change.