How to Improve Visitor Experience in Public Parks?

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Who does not want his brand to be known worldwide! All of us aspire for name and fame. Well, the best method is to avail the visitor experience in public parks. Visitor experience? What’s that? Well, visitor experience in the series of experiences that a visitor gathers from his or her primary contact with a site till they leave that particular place.

You must wonder what kind of experience that can be. Well, in a public place there are various landmark signs that speak of the different brands. Looking at those signs gives you a stimulus about the brand. These visitations are not only local and regional but also international.

Tips to enhance visitor experience

Take a look at the valuable tips that you can adopt to increase visitor experience:

  • Print media and brochures

Brochures are the primary method that one can adopt to make prospective visitors know about the site. These sites can be divided into two groups – pre-site and on-site. A pre-site brochure is designed well and it carries a lot of information. On the other hand, on-site brochure does not provide any information on parking.

  • Digital media

Most people today look for a digital contact base. So, in the brochures that are hung in the public places, it is best to provide your digital contact. Provide the link and highlight it or make it bold. Honestly, people today have no time to dial your number and make a call or email you. Give informations of those websites that have everything about your brand in details.

  • Highway signs

Presently, highway signs have stopped becoming so critical. This is because of the invention of GPS. However, even all users of GPS needs reassurance as to where they are going or of they are heading toward the correct destination.

  • Parking

Before you set up visitor experience, first try to find out where the visitors want to go. Generally, if it is a long distance walk, visitors do not walk. That’s not practical even. In such cases, the only thing that you can do is to reserve some particular spaces and put your landmark sign there. Also, make sure that the signs that you put up are noticeable.

  • Clean convenient restrooms

Any visitor attendant or staff will tell you that visitors, at the first place ask you for the restroom. So, stuffing the restroom with appropriate landmark sign is not a bad idea. Make sure that it does not result to vandalism. Otherwise, it would be a great benefit to make your presence felt in the restrooms.

  • On-site information or orientation

After the visitors have parked, generally they look around for some sort of visitor center both for information and for orientation. When they are inside, they look for an information desk and sales area. Both are equally important and the much needed ones.

  • Convenient visitor hours

It is best to mention the convenient hours for visiting in the landmark signs. See, you have to prepare such a landmark sign that gives all the necessary information in details but in brief.

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