Tips to Consider Before Installing A Steam Bath in Calgary

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Deciding to have a steam shower installed in your home is exciting. It’s even more exciting if you have had the luxury of experiencing it in the past. Amidst all the excitement, you need to keep your head together throughout the installation process. This is, of course, to ensure that the installation is done up to code and standard.

To help ensure that everything goes according to plan, below are some facts that you should put into consideration prior to the installation of a home bath.

Insulated and enclosed shower space

It is important to ensure that the bath is not only enclosed, but insulated, as well. This will help to contain the soothing steam inside the shower. Additionally, the shower should be built using marble, tiles or any non-porous materials. It should feature a watertight floor drain and shower door.

Speaking of watertight, it does not mean that the shower space has to be airtight as well. If anything, some level of air filtration should be included in the design of the shower door. This will allow you see the steam as it forms.

Last but not least, the windows should be double-paned.

8 foot ceiling height

Your steam shower space should have a shower height of about 8 feet (at maximum). If the ceiling is designed higher than this, then you just might need to install a more powerful steam generator to fill up the additional volume with steam. Speak to a professional steam bath installer to get the right dimensions for the enclosure.

Built-in seating

This, however, boils down to personal preference and the size of the shower. When you want seating included in your steam bath space, you should ensure that it is slightly sloped. This will provide additional comfort.

If you have a smaller shower, you can consider installing fold-up seats. Have these seats coated to protect them from the moisture

Non-slip shower floor

Safety should always come first when constructing a steam shower. It is easy to get carried away when enjoying the steam in your new shower. In this condition, you will benefit from the installation of anti-skid strips on the floor. These will help to prevent slipping.

Lighting fixtures

The lighting fixtures you use should be vapour sealed. These types of fixtures are protected from moisture in the shower. The technology used in the lighting is slightly different than in other lighting fixtures. When moisture somehow finds its way into the lighting, it can damage the fixtures.

In case you are wondering, yes, some types of surface mounted and recessed lighting have this feature.

No venting, heating or air conditioning in the steam shower

In regular bathrooms, exhaust fans are used to vent the stale air outside. The same technology is used in a steam bath in Calgary. Exhaust fans work perfectly. These get rid of moist and warm air from the steam shower with great efficiency.

Again, you cannot have a fireplace in your steam room. It doesn’t matter how big the space is. It is simply unacceptable.

With these tips, your steam bath installation should progress smoothly. Note that reading this blog piece is only the first step. You need to involve professionals in the installation process. The same goes for fireplace installation in Calgary.

Success is sweet. The path to success can, however, be laden with sweat and a lot of pain. But all in all, it will prove to be worthwhile. Seek a professional to handle your fireplace installation in Calgary for the best results.