Tips for Choosing the Right Ceramic Tiles for your Kitchen and Bathroom in Mississauga

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Tiling is by far one of the most popular DIY projects homeowners love to indulge in. However, before you start your tiling project, you need to carefully think, plan and choose the right tiles. In this piece, we provide you with advice on how to go about choosing the best tiles for your bathroom and kitchen.

But before we get started, note that planning is key to choosing bathroom and kitchen fixtures in Mississauga. Planning is the backbone of a successful home improvement project.

Now, let’s get right into it.

Tile size

When you are considering the size of your ceramic tile in Mississauga, you should think of the size of the room. Generally, if you have a smaller room, it would be best if you used smaller mosaic tiles, rather than larger ones. A large bathroom will look odd if you used smaller tiles. Be sure to pick the right tile size to complement the space.

Kitchens are usually tiled with 100 mm square tiles. This is the standard. However, in recent times, rectangular tiles (the kind resembling bricks) and larger tiles are increasing in popularity. The tile size you choose for your kitchen depends on the space you will tile. If you only need a few tile rows above your workspace, then small tiles will be best. If you need to tile the entire wall, larger tiles are best.

Speaking of space, you also need to consider the space between your toilet, shower, sink or bathtub. If these areas are close to each other, choose smaller tiles. They will provide a better look, since they will allow the lines to flow better. With larger tiles, you will need to cut the ceramic tile in Mississauga into awkward and unsightly shapes.

Layout and Shape of Tiles

A plain square ceramic tile layout can be split by a border of tiles, such as miniature mosaic tiles or thin rectangular tiles. Most bathrooms are adorned with large rectangular tiles placed in a portrait position. This gives the bathroom a comfortable feeling. The small mosaic tiles come in handy as brickwork patterns. They provide a great effect.

Creating different shapes and patterns is hard work. You will need to think it over and dedicate ample time to the process. Plan the design first and even mark out spots for the different tiles. This will make the placement easier.


Colour is driven by taste and fashion. When you take time to look at different designs, you will find pretty much any colour you desire. When choosing a colour for your ceramic tiles in Mississauga you should consider several factors.

First, are you looking to redecorate your home with new wallpaper, flooring, paint or bathroom and kitchen fixtures in Mississauga? If you are, you can choose a tile you love and design the rest of the house to blend with it.

However, if you are choosing a tile colour scheme that blends with the room, for your kitchen, you should pick a colour that matches the worktops and cabinets. Choosing a dark colour will shrink the room and cause it to appear smaller and darker. However, if the surface is reflective, this effect will be counteracted.

If you wish, you can use dark coloured tiles in your bathroom. The above-mentioned effect isn’t as important for bathrooms, as they are generally considered small rooms anyway. In addition, little time is spent in the bathroom and, as such, natural light is not as important.

Hope these tips help you in your renovation. Do not forget – planning is key.