The Best Door Handles for Kitchen Cupboards

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As a homeowner, your kitchen section is one of the best places to prove your interior design skills and make a masterpiece of the whole space. And the door handles for your kitchen cupboards fit the criteria when shopping for unique cabinet hardware. Cabinet door handles put that finishing touch on your kitchen that you need to make everything look perfect.
These seemingly minor elements can provide you an opportunity to express your custom styles and liven up your entire kitchen.

1. How to select door handles

Kitchens can get very messy in very little time. But you don’t have to let the same happen to your kitchen cabinet surface. You must, therefore, protect it and extend its lifespan by installing door handles and knobs to protect its finishing.
When selecting a suitable door handle for your kitchen cupboard, you must consider these factors:

Consider the finish
• Examine the cost
• Think about the comfort
• Decide whether you want a pull or knob
• Decide whether you want curved or square

2. Stainless Steel Bar Pulls

This subtly designed cabinet hardware is some of the most popular in the market today. Any modern kitchen cabinet can benefit from this handle’s minimalist design. The round-shaped features also contrast its 90-degree angles, to add more flare to your cabinet doors.

3. Inspirations Oil Rubbed Bronze Ring Knobs

Ring knob designs have been around for centuries, with very few modifications. But still, they are some of the most popular cabinet hardware used to date. They are also best-suited for homeowners who are looking for a traditional and transitional kitchen setting. They can as well complement your modern kitchen by utilizing circle- or dot-based patterns.

4. Revitalize Polished Nickel Knobs

This kitchen hardware expresses more of an accented twist to even the most basic cabinet doors. It makes for one of the best versatile doorknob selections that work with almost every kitchen design. You will never go wrong having this knob design as part of your kitchen’s interior design, as it complements your entire kitchen.

5. Candler Antique Silver Pulls

This pull is quite subtle yet stylish enough to pull an ultra-versatile look that works with any kitchen design. You can even install it on a traditional kitchen, and it pulls the best look, which makes one of the best options on the list.

6. Conrad Oil Rubbed Bronze Scroll Pulls

If you are looking for a more versatile traditional style pull, this is it. You can, however, add retro-flair with a beautiful geometric pattern by installing it in shaker-style cabinetry in a modern kitchen.

7. Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pulls

At first glance, you notice how versatile this style pull is, and how well it blends and looks in a modern or traditional kitchen. Also called the “apothecary pulls,” they are the best options to consider if you prefer to focus on retro-motifs for your kitchen interior design.
All the door handles mentioned above are perfect for almost every kitchen style and design. It is, therefore, upon you to decide which one works for you. Only try to avoid using the heavy cabinet door hardware that might tarnish the whole design.

Bottom Line

A report by The Washington Post explains that a new trend is emerging where manufacturers mix metals in their industrial-style kitchen hardware. Eventually, your personal style and taste determine your design details. Visit Oakhurst for some of the best cabinet hardware and options that complement your kitchen your way.