The 5 Hardest Carpet Stains To Remove

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Carpets have many enemies that can be potentially damaging for the long-term. But there are five in particular that you should be very careful not to spill. These substances are some of the toughest to remove and, in some instances, no matter how much effort you put into cleaning them, you may never fully eliminate the stain.

But if you do end up making a mess with one of these (or any) potential stain-maker, you must remember to always blot and never wipe up the spill from your carpet fibers. The blotting method absorbs the liquid or substance and keeps it from getting pushed deeper into the carpet material.

After you’ve picked up most of the moisture from the spill, you can then apply any cleanser you like to try to eliminate the spot from view. However, that’s sometimes easier said than done and regular household cleaners may not be up to the task.

That’s when you need to call Chem-Dry and have one of our professional carpet cleaning experts to take care of the job for you. Our cleaning processes can help to eradicate that pesky stain but give your carpet a deep-cleaning to reach all of the dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria that might also be stuck deep in the fibers of your material.

Now without further ado, the five worst carpet stains to remove:

1. Blood

This is one of the toughest stains around and while you may have plenty of choices to get blood out of clothes, the task can be a little tougher for removing from your carpet.

If you get blood on your carpet, you may be in for a real struggle. Sure a tiny drop will probably go unnoticed, especially in a darker carpet or one with a busy pattern. But if you or someone in your home sustains a significant injury with a considerable amount of blood hitting the carpet, it’s not like you can hit the stain with some sort of enzymatic cleanser and throw it in the washing machine.

So anytime you get blood on your carpet, blot it up immediately and then apply your preferred cleaning solution to prevent the stain from setting.

2. Pet Stains

The two most prevalent types of messes that pets are typically responsible for leaving involve urine or feces. What’s most difficult about these types of stains is that they’re not just prone to discoloration of the carpet fibers, they also come with accompanying aromas and odors that can attract your pet to leaving the same mess behind in the future.

That’s because animals will usually go to the bathroom in areas that smell like, well, their bathroom. So if urine soaks beneath the carpet and gets underneath to the padding, you may be in for some real problems as your pet will smell the aroma that is trapped underneath and pee there over and over.

This is another stain that you need to tend to fast so you don’t run the risk of ruining the carpet entirely from repeated peeing and pooping incidents.

3. Coffee

For a drink that is so popular it’s also pretty damaging. If your dentist suggests you refrain from drinking it for fear of staining your teeth, what do you think it can do to your expensive floor coverings?

This is one of many beverages that can permanently discolor the fibers of your carpet if left to soak into the material for too long. Coffee stains are immediately noticeable because they can leave behind brown or yellow stains long after you’ve soaked up the excess moisture.

4. Ink

This substance can wreak serious lasting havoc on your carpets. In fact, you can pick up this mess almost immediately after you make it and still run the risk of having a permanent ink spot ingrained into the fibers for as long as own the carpet.

Depending on the type of ink you’ve spilled, you may have an easier time of avoiding a stain as some inks are water-based while others have more lasting ingredients as part of their makeup.

5. Fruit-Based Liquids

It’s simple, wine and fruit juice are both very difficult to remove because they have deep colors that will quickly penetrate any carpet fiber and stay there if not tended to quickly.

Reds and purples are some of the most quickly noticeable colors that can ruin a carpet and even the darker color floor coverings may still display some remnants of past mistakes.

These are some of the most important spills to blot and not wipe due to their increased potential for discoloring your carpet.