Our Top Tips for Improving Your Yard & Landscape for Spring in Edmonton

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Are you ready for the spring and summer seasons?


The warmer months of the year are coming, and you may be thinking that you want to do a little sprucing up of your yard and landscaping.


Homes can get away with being a little disheveled and lawn problems can be masked by snow, but in the summer months, all of those issues show. Do you want to make your yard and landscape better than ever?


Today we are talking about our top tips for how you can do some spring sprucing and make your yard and landscape nicer and more attractive than ever!


If you get it all done now, you can kick back and just have all the summer fun you can handle. Read on to find out more!


Our Top Tips for Improving Your Yard & Landscape for Spring


When it comes to home improvement, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from your actual home. While the exterior and interior of a house are always important, sometimes the jobs that you have to do around the home can actually be very difficult and time-consuming.


Enter the more friendly cousin of home projects, and that is landscaping! Your landscaping is the one thing that people see besides your house. They have the ability to detract from an amazing home or make a modest home look comfortable and bright!


Whether your yard and landscape design could use a serious overhaul or it’s just little things to take care of, you can’t go wrong by tackling them. You may just want to add some decorative facets, such as landscaping rocks in Edmonton or solar lights to line a walkway. Maybe your path could use replacement stones, or you need to add a little topsoil in Edmonton to even things out on your lawn.


Only you will know what could use improvement. Scroll down to check out our top tips on yard work and landscaping and get started!




– When in doubt, get an evaluation. A landscape designer or specialist may have fresher eyes and can be objective about what works with your property and what doesn’t.


– Don’t be afraid of topsoil. Topsoil in Edmonton or your area can be used to create beds, provide a base for growing new grass seed or laying turf, or for use in a raised bed garden.


– Flowering perennials are great. Perennials bloom again and again, so they’re easy on the budget and low maintenance too (you don’t have to buy and plant them every single year – they’re already there!).


– Don’t be afraid of accents. Whether it’s landscaping rocks in Edmonton or flowers to add a touch of colour, figure out what works for your property.


– Get ideas online. There’s nothing like opening your mind to new ideas and things that you haven’t considered. Everything from a patio to a fire pit to bushes and plants that flourish in your climate zone is possible.


– Make sure you have sprinkler heads that are working correctly and do not over or underwater your plants.