Microwave Oven and the Revolution it Brought in the World of Cooking

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Microwave wave was invented by the expert named Dr. Percy Spencer. The microwave oven has certainly come a long way to become a popular kitchen appliance and is an item of almost every organized household at present. At the initial phases of its launch, these high-tech ovens were very expensive that they were out of reach of the average household and lot of efforts were made in the earlier times to make it a prevalent appliance in the middle class households. However, the technology in the microwave oven improved with the passing time and the prices came down to affordable levels later in order to increase the volume of sales among the masses. Today, microwave oven price is not too high.

Today these microwave ovens are used most often to warm previously cooked food immediately before dining. They are widely manufactured by a number of reputed companies and are available in different sizes as according to the varying needs of the consumers. Moreover the microwave oven price is quite affordable.

Since the best microwave oven heats the food by high frequency heating, it never heats food to very high temperatures the way in which the conventional ovens do. Instead, it is certainly able to heat the food very quickly and of course uniformly to a required and optimum temperature just above the boiling point of water. Therefore, the food seldom caramelize or gets the brownish over heated colour. This property is the one that makes them more suitable for the re-heating cooked food left in the refrigerator for some time.

Though there are a lot of claims that the preparation with the use of the microwave ovens damage the food, there is hardly any evidence to prove this point by anybody. However, it is believed that the damage caused to the food with the usage of microwave is certainly minimal as the food is heated to lower the temperatures and for shorter periods of time.

The Microwave ovens certainly have become very commonplace and you probably never bothered to ask yourself “how do microwaves actually work?” However, if you are in the market for a new microwave, the understanding how they work just might help you to buy the right appliance for your customized needs.

Microwave particularly excites the water molecules in food to produce the required heat and cook the food. This method of microwave heating and cooking is considerably faster than the usual and the traditional cooking methods. Thus, along with convenience, microwave cooking also considerably saves time.

In the microwave process of heating, the waves, or the electro-magnetic energy, travel through the food, but while doing that, they also excite the water molecules inside the food and utilize it for the cooking process. Like the human body, most foods are composed mostly of water. When the water molecules are hit by the microwaves, they get particularly excited and start to vibrate in a vigorous manner. Buy microwave oven online at exciting prices and earn a lot of rewards too.