Is Induction Cooking Right for You?

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Induction cooking has taken the world by the storm in the past few decades, heating up your pots and pans directly by magnetic induction.

Households that have experienced both traditional gas-heated cooktops and the modern induction cooktops have mixed preferences about them.

Here’s what you need to consider when it comes to induction cooking.

Heating Time

Prefer faster cooking? Induction cooktops can heat up your pots directly, shortening the time needed by leaps and bounds. 80-90% of the electromagnetic energy can be transferred to your food in the pan, while a gas stove and an electric stove can only transfer 38% and 70% respectively.

To put it into perspective, you can boil a pot of water in just about 3 minutes with this modern cookware. Induction units can be part of your consideration if you are looking for a short cooking time.

Cooking Control

Induction cooking allows you to prepare your food on a wide range of temperature, but finding the right setting to cook your food to perfection without burning it might prove to be a challenge.

Digital thermometers might not show accurate readings due to magnetic field interference, so you can try to reach the correct temperature with an analog thermometer instead. Most individuals would find the conventional stove easier to use for this aspect.

Energy Conservation

Since energy is directly transferred to your pots and pans, heat is only transferred to a very focused area on the cooktop and its surface would not radiate as much heat as conventional cookers.

As a result, your kitchen can be maintained at a cooler temperature throughout your cooking process and afterwards as well. If your house is not well-ventilated, an induction cooktop would be beneficial for you.

Space Available

A conventional gas or electric-powered stove would require a substantial amount of space for the gas tank or just for the electric stove.

An induction unit meanwhile is very thin, and requires only two-inches of depth below the counter surface. When not in use, the unit can be used just like any table surface. It would also make cooking a simple and convenient task when installed in a cooking area for wheelchair access.

Safe Cooking

The utilisation of oscillating magnetic fields when you are cooking means that the cooking surface will always stay cool, and you will never need to worry about accidentally burning your hands or melting plastic bags on these cooktops.

You can place paper towels between your induction cooker and your cookware for easier cleanup after cooking.

Additionally, you won’t need to worry much about accidentally leaving your induction cooktop on if there isn’t any induction cookware on it!

Cooking Utensils

When you use induction cooking, you will need pans that can effectively transfer the heat from your induction cooktop to the bottom of your pan.

The cooking utensils need to be from stainless steel and cast-iron. You can bring a magnet on your shopping journey to see if it would stick on the bottom.

If it does, it’s suitable for your induction cooktop. Just be prepared for slightly pricier cookwares!

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