Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plumber in Calgary

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As a homeowner, you will require the services of a professional plumber at some point in time. You can contact a plumber in Calgary to identify issues with your plumbing system, unclog drains, unblock pipes, and fix leakages. These experts can also be contacted to install or repair boilers in Calgary. To avoid inconveniences, it is advisable as a homeowner to have the contact information of a reliable plumber in your area. This way, you can reach the professional in case of a plumbing emergency. Sometimes you might need to contact a plumber during the night or over weekends. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a plumber.


Word of mouth is a good way to get a reliable plumber in Calgary. Ask your family, friends and close colleagues to recommend a plumbing expert that they have worked with in the past, and especially the ones they hold in high regard. It is also wise to listen to people’s experiences with different plumbers to know the good from the bad. Avoid any plumber that seems to have disappointed many people in the past.
You can also conduct an online search to find a reliable plumber. You will find many service providers online, so be careful when making your choice. Read client reviews on different plumbers to know the quality of service they provide. Avoid plumbers with many negative reviews.

Qualifications and Experience

Ask to see a plumber’s qualifications before hiring them to work in your home. A reliable plumber will have undergone training and passed the relevant examinations in this field. You should also find out if a potential plumber is a member of the relevant associations.

The experience of a plumber is determined by the number of years they have been in business. Before hiring a plumber for the installation or repair of boilers in Calgary, ensure that they have been in business for more than five years. Such experts have undertaken many plumbing jobs in the past and know how to fix different problems. Besides, this is a very competitive business and no plumber would last that long if their services were less than perfect.

License and Insurance

Before hiring a potential plumber in Calgary, find out whether they have a valid license and adequate insurance. A license proves that the plumber in question is legally in business and has met all the qualifications required of plumbers in your area. There are many fraudsters out there today posing as genuine service providers, so ensure that the license presented is authentic. A reliable plumber will carry adequate insurance.


Find out whether a plumber you are considering for your home offers a warranty for their workmanship. The warranty offers an assurance for the services offered by the plumber. Avoid any plumber who does not guarantee their work as this is a show of lack of confidence in their abilities to deliver quality service.

Choosing a plumber in Calgary should not be done in a hurry. Do your homework and compare different plumbers to get one who offers quality yet affordable services.