Beautiful 2018 Summer Home Decor Trends

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Give your home a summertime decor makeover by incorporating some of this season’s fresh decor trends. The look is all about bringing nature indoors in several cool ways. Rattan has long been an outdoor furniture pick. Now, top home designers are choosing this lovely earthen wood texture for couches, dining room chairs, bedside tables and matching headboards. It is also seen as a lighthearted decor accent in mirror edges, picture frames and decorative plant stands. Other fun design trends include beautiful watercolor wallpapers and bedding selections, beach-inspired wall art, bohemian macrame and vintage lace finds, gorgeous tile patterns, rich color accents and more.

For refreshing inspiration, browse home and garden magazines currently featuring some of these delightful new home decor designs ideal for indoor summer living. This style can adapt to any favorite home interior design, and individuals can add just a little summertime style with airy curtains or breezy, beach-hued, throw pillows. Alternately, they can jump all in by installing sea-green backsplash kitchen tiles or adding natural bamboo floors in their spa-like bathrooms. To capture the nature reminiscent style, look for home furnishings and decor items that remind you of your favorite outdoor spot.

It is really amazing how simply adding pops of the season’s popular color palettes can add instant drama and visual interest. Try painting an entryway door in a rejuvenating sage green hue or choose a whimsical dusty-pink shade. Paint a chair in a vibrant burnt-orange desert color. Add a vintage antique wooden bench inside your entryway and continue the nature textures throughout every room in the house. Another important summertime decor element involves aspects of the balancing Danish Hygge decor concept that adds comfort pieces into an otherwise sleek or uncluttered style. Examples include installing copper pendant light fixtures in a contemporary kitchen or adding lush green plants and beach glass accents into the indoor living spaces.

Instead of the expected harsher black and stark white neutral tones, try softer blue-gray painted walls or bedroom furniture pieces whitewashed for an authentic look. Accent the gentle neutrals with breezy white bed or tabletop canopies of sheer fabrics tied back or hanging loosely. Paint an antique dresser in outdoor shades with white shaded accents. Leafy plant patterns are a huge hit this season. There are luxuriously comfortable bedding sets in beach renditions of palm fronds shading a sparkling ocean. Customers can find geometrical desert patterns of open blue skies against warm-shaded rocks dotted with sage cacti and brilliant wildflowers.

Those that have always liked the terrazzo patterns will be glad to find sensational options. This design scheme can mimic natural granite rock shade variations and speckles in fun, happy colors. Use it on walls, for bed comforters, on chair cushions and even for an unexpected ceiling design. This older look has been updated to feature softer hues and elegant tile patterns. The right choice in lighting can make a huge impact on the overall ambiance in any indoor space, and summer decor choices have never been better.