7 Bidet Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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Are you interested in renovating your home? Maybe you’re considering about including your baths in your home improvement projects. You might even be interested in having bidet seats and toilets installed, but what’s stopping you from doing so?

Misconceptions are the usual reasons why some people are skeptical about adapting and even using bidets. We are here to debunk those common myths with facts.

Myth #1 Bidets are not hygienic

Bidets are engineered to promote cleanliness and sanitation to both users and the toilet itself. You get to have that squeaky clean tushie in no time without irritating your sensitive bottom and intimate parts. Water is known to be a better choice when it comes to cleaning your backside than any toilet paper or wipes. Also, after every use, this smart innovation cleans its nozzle thanks to its self-cleaning system.

Myth #2 These are costly

Sure, you’ll have to pay for the price, but that doesn’t mean it will substantially increase your water bill or that toilet papers are a more affordable alternative. Just try to think of how much you spend on toilet papers monthly and yearly. By having a bidet installed, you get to cut your wipes and toilet paper thus lessening your expenses.

Myth #3 Bidets are uncomfortable

These are necessarily helpful for people with limited mobility like young children and the seniors. Also, using bidets eliminate the need to use toilet paper that can cause contamination, discomfort, and irritation that often leads to infection. Many bidets come with adjustable heated seats like the Brondell Swash 1000.

Myth #4 These are hard to install

This smart addition to your bath is very easy to install and doesn’t require you to seek help from a plumber. Everything you need to fix the bidet seat or toilet already in the package, so all you need to do is attach and plug.

Myth #5 These are permanent bathroom fixtures

There are six types of bidets – the portable, standalone, hand-held, bidet seats, attachments and the toilet and bidet combo. If you want something that is not permanent, Bidets seats are for you as these are easy to remove as they are quickly installed.

Myth #6 Water that comes out of it is cold

Electric bidets has remote controls that let you manipulate the water temperature. You can choose how warm or cold the water is that will clean you after every toilet trip, depending on your preferences. It even allows you to control the pressure of the water – whether you like a gentle or high-pressure wash.

Myth #7 You need to replace your whole toilet to have a bidet installed

You can opt to have a bidet seat installed instead of a bidet and toilet combo. These so-called “modern seats” can be introduced into your existing toilet, eliminating the need to get rid of your old one to accommodate bidets.

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from experiencing what smart innovations like bidets have to offer. There may be more myths not included in the list, but with proper knowledge, you’ll eventually learn the truth behind every false belief. Make sure to do your research for you to make the smart investment of choosing the right one for your home.