4 Home Feature Switch-Ups That Will Leave You Speechless in Kitsilano

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When it comes to your home, are there certain design features that you feel could use a touch-up? Perhaps you’ve become so used to your house that you don’t have a single inkling of where you could even begin to start. That’s okay! Many home owners become accustomed to the design of their house and even comfortable with it.

No one’s saying that you have to change your home! However, perhaps you’re now thinking about when the last time was that you switched anything up in your home. Was it five years ago? Ten? We can’t say for sure, but one thing that’s for certain is that even key features in homes can age while the times move on.

Perhaps there’s one thing that you’ve noticed, like your bathroom would benefit from new countertops. Or some new kitchen countertops and a sink may be in order. The good news is that you’re in luck – there are plenty of home features out there that you can switch out for something new and give your home a bit of a liquid face lift (yes, that is a real thing).

They say that change is good. Any one of these options may invoke the positive change that your home craves! Read on to find out more and get some design inspiration. You may find that switching up just one thing in your house gives it a rejuvenated feeling that you never thought possible!

4 Home Feature Switch-Ups That Will Leave You Speechless

  1. Changing Out Your Countertops

It could be the kitchen or the bathroom, and small wonder: these two rooms are often the most popular choices for switching out the countertops in Kitsilano. If your counters were great when you put them in but now you can’t stand the sight of them, it’s time for a change. Whether you’re switching out kitchen countertops or something else, you need to find something that is current, but will also manage to be classic, too.

  1. Your Oven

If your oven is over a decade old, then it may be time for an upgrade. Particularly if there’s something wrong with it, like it sucks up too much energy for your taste or smokes slightly when you cook something, even if you cleaned it the week before. A new sleek oven can be a new feature for your home that surprises you with how much freshness it brings to your kitchen!

  1. The Kitchen Sink

Like it or not, the kitchen sink can make or break a kitchen! Is your sink over 20 years old? It may be time to take a newer model out for a spin. Check out a store near you to get design ideas – who knows, perhaps it’ll inspire you to redo the bathroom entirely!

  1. Your Bathroom and Garage Lights

What? We know, these are two different topics. But what they share in common is lighting, and how it impacts an area! Upgrading this feature, whether for your driveway or your bathroom mirror, can be the switch that really makes a difference. Guests to your home will definitely notice!