10 Interior Design Style Tips 

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When planning your home decor, sometimes you may be forced to make drastic decisions like painting the whole house or simple ones like buying a mirror. In this article, we will share a few tricks to help you design your house like a pro.  Some things will only look good when covered
Slipcovers are a cheap way of revitalising your living room without throwing out the furniture. They also come in handy when you have children around. More so, you can change them whenever you like and have your seats looking spanking new every time.

Potted plants will add life to your living room
Not only are they good to look at, but plants can help to balance the colour and texture of the space. Some plants like the Areca palm are known to be great air purifiers. If you can’t see yourself looking after them, you can go for the artificial ones.

Repaint the walls
It is astonishing how a simple paint job can transform any room. Neutral paints like white will make a place look bigger than it is. Any dull colours that you have in the room will pop when you have a neutral background. For contrast, you can use a brighter shade on the adjacent walls.

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter

Small decorative items like lampshades, vases, and throw pillows can be used to add character to a room. Small vases can be used on shelves and countertops while the large ones will look good on empty corners and wide entryways. Throw pillows will add colour and texture to your seats.

Shelves and TV units
Shelving can help to increase the storage space in different parts of your house. Things like a white gloss TV unit can be used to display visually interesting items like vases and pictures. You can visit ChicParadis and choose from a wide collection of media TV units.

Making minor changes to your kitchen
Suspended lighting can be a great addition to your kitchen island or dining area. If you have a plain wall, you can create a gallery by hanging a few framed photos or your favourite paintings. You can also set up a shelf display for your vintage plates and bowls.

A home is never complete without attractive curtains
When it comes to windows, it is usually hard to strike a balance between keeping it functional or purely decorative. Slim blinds and sheer curtains will do the best job of illuminating small spaces. Tall curtains can make a place feel bigger than it is.

Use decorative mirrors
Mirrors create the illusion of more room in cramped up spaces. They can be placed everywhere; you can have them in the hallways, by the bedside, and in your bathroom. A large mirror can make a grand centrepiece for your living room.

Get creative
You can only be limited by your creativity when it comes to decorating with unused items; Old plates can be used to create an artistic collage for the walls. A ladder can be converted into a bookshelf, and bowls can be made into lampshades.

Get cleaning
It doesn’t sound like a decor idea but cleaning the house can be a great way of enhancing its appeal. A lot of change can be achieved just by dusting your white gloss TV unit, scrubbing the tiles, or moving the furniture.