Hot Water Baths & Showers: Good or Bad?

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We all love the feeling of sinking into a hot bath after a long tiring day. It really seems to absorb all the troubles and all the worries of the day, doesn’t it? For some people, a hot water bath is really the highlight at the end of day and keeps them going.

Imagine coming home with thoughts of that tempting bath dragging your tired feet forward, opening the tap and finding no hot water? The horror! This is why you must invest in a vulcan hot water system! It will ensure the steady supply of water at the temperature required and will thus keep your sanity intact!

The benefits of a hot water bath are many and some have been elaborated below for your convenience.

The Benefits of Hot Water Baths & Showers

  • Relieves Tension

That feeling you get after a nice soak in hot water? Like you’re lighter than air? Yup, it’s true! Hot showers as well as hot water baths have the ability to truly relieve tension and put stressed muscles to ease. A powerful showerhead can also act as a mini massager to help soothe tired muscles. A hot water bath can be the perfect medicine for over stretched muscles post exercise, minor sports injuries and even helps patients with joint pain.

  • Oxytocin Levels

Researchers have shown that the effect of hot water on the human body helps raise oxytocin levels and this helps ease anxiety. An increase in the levels of the love hormone is definitely a good reason to invest in a good Vulcan hot water system.

  • Decongestant

Hot steam has the ability to moisturize nasal passages and alleviate symptoms of flu. It also helps in the removal of mucus accumulating in the throat and relieves cough. A soak in hot water during a cold can truly make you feel better.

  • Blood Circulation

Our heart is undoubtedly one of the most crucial organs of our body. Anything that helps it keep in good shape should be paid particular attention too.
Exercise, cardio in particular aims to increase the heart rate. On the days where you don’t have the time for exercise, immersing your body up to the neck in hot water can help! This creates a physical pressure on the body and hence the blood vessels. The heart then has to pump stronger and faster!

  • Sleep Troubles

It is advised that babies be given a calming soak in hot water right before bed time. The theory behind it is that it winds them down, relaxes them and also tires them out a little bit. They, therefore, sleep better. This holds true for adults as well. Hot water relaxes the muscles and helps to fall asleep better and faster.

  • Blood Pressure

Some studies show that among the many benefits of hot water baths and showers, lower blood pressure is one too. However, since it also increases heart rate, those with heart problems should definitely consult a doctor prior to trying out this method.

  • Headaches

Headaches are often caused by a narrowing of the blood vessels in the head. A hot water bath or shower can every so often help in this regard. Another way in which hot water can help to reduce headaches is that it generally reduces stress and anxiety which are also a major cause of headaches.

  • Moisturizes

Warm water keeps skin moisturized and hydrated for a longer time period. While we may not like our pruned fingers and toes after a dip in hot water, remember that it helps prevent those cracks that we find deplorable!