Essential Points To Consider Before Installing Tire Floors

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Are you ready for your new tile floor installation? Before you start removing the old tile and celebrating how nice your new floors are going to look, you first have to go over a few things. The tips here will help you determine whether or not you’re really ready for the new tile, as well as what you’ll need to fix before the installation process begins.

Do You Want New Baseboards?

Your baseboards go around the bottom section of your walls, right where they hit the floor. They really do live up to their name – “baseboard.” You have several options regarding them. You can remove them before installation begins, leave them in place and work around them, or purchase entirely new baseboards to install afterward. If you choose the middle option, you’ll have to add some quarter round to ensure that there isn’t a gap between the baseboard and the floor when you’re done.

Is Your Foundation Shifting?

If you’re having foundation issues, you’ll either have to have the foundation repaired before the tile installation begins or choose a different type of flooring altogether. If you go ahead with your tile floor installation and the foundation shifts even further, then the tiles will crack and break. Some types of flooring, including laminate and vinyl, will move with the foundation, making them a better option if you don’t want to deal with costly foundation repairs right now. (Although eventually you’ll have to repair it.)

Are You Going To Paint Your Kitchen?

There’s nothing worse than trying to get paint drips off of your new tile floors. Even the best dropcloths aren’t entirely splatter-proof. It’s recommended that you paint the walls first, while the old floor is still in place, and then proceed with the demolition and new floor installation. You might end up with a few scratches marring the new paint here and there from the process, but they’re very easy to touch up once everything is done.

Is Your Tile Kid and Pet-Friendly?

While tile floors are fairly indestructible, you do need to pick the right type and color in order to make scratches less noticeable. Many experts recommend that you choose porcelain tile that’s either “through-body” or “color-body.” These types are more scratch resistant than the other types, and if any scratches do appear, they’ll be much less noticeable. Ceramic tiles won’t hold up well with the types of wear caused by either kids or pets or both.

Where Are You Installing Your Tile?

Tile flooring needs to be installed over a subfloor that’s water-resistant. This means that if you’re putting it in a second-floor bathroom, or even in a homemade with pier and beam construction, then you need to have a special coating placed on the subfloor. This coating is a rubberized, waterproof one that will prevent moisture from seeping through the grout into the subfloor. It will keep the tiles in place, and prevent them from cracking and buckling. This step is absolutely necessary!