8 Great Reasons for Buying a Persian Rug

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There’s a reason Persian rugs have remained popular for centuries. Well, there are numerous reasons and if you are causally considering investing in one, check out our look at some of the main reasons why you should part with your hard-earned cash for one. Their uniquely intricate and eye-catching add an instant touch of class to anywhere you put them.

They are Long-Lasting

It’s with good reason that many societies throughout the world look after and cherish Persian rugs for hundreds of years. This is because they are incredibly durable and extremely valuable. The great thing about a Persian rug is that as time goes by, it increases in value. Many are handed down from generation to generation. As they’re woven together using tough fibres and handcrafted.

They Never Go Out of Style

Compared to other trends that come along and whip everyone into a frenzy before disappearing just as quickly as they became popular, Persian rugs never really go out of fashion. If you spend your money wisely on a Ziegler or Peshawar rug, you will never need to be concerned about whether it’s fashionable or not. With classic colours and designs that have been celebrated and praised for numerous centuries, there is no chance they are going out fashion.

They Are Perfectly Handcrafted

High quality Persian rugs that are handcrafted are some of the best items in the industry. Persian rugs don’t shed, tear or rip. You can have them washed professionally or by hand.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Persian rugs benefit from their handcrafted designs and make a much bigger impact than those made by a machine. Persian rugs help to set the tone of a room and provide a nice focal point.

Perfect Investment

Persian rugs, when they are well-maintained can be quite an investment. After a rug reaches between 3 and 70 years, its value increases considerably. So, it follows that 100 years are worth even more and given the status of ‘antique’.

They are Incredibly Soft

They stay plush and are incredibly soft to touch, high-quality Persian rugs are made from wool which is often sourced in part or whole from New Zealand, which is arguably the best wool producer in the world. You will even find some Persian rugs that are made from a blend of silk and wool fibres, giving them a greater softness.

They Help Support Craftsmen and Women

When you buy a Persian rug has been responsibly and sustainably produced you can help to support the various expert rug crafters around the world. Many of the top rug suppliers donate a percentage of their takings to charities and help to employ people in parts of the world that may not find work any other way.

They Act Like History Books

Compared to the mass-produced and modern rugs out there, Persian rugs carry a rich heritage with them. Starting with the story of the crafters behind them to the colours and symbols and their meanings hand-knotted into the designs.